2017 Tour

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  • Parents can meet at Ashland Church
  • July 25th at 7PM
  • July 27th at 7PM
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We are ON THE ROAD!  The most recent day will be on the top for you to view, we hope you enjoy watching our journey.  We will try to update the website as often as there is Internet access.

Day 8 – July 22, 2017 – Orlando, Florida, and Cape Canaveral 

As we got to our Hotel last night we got there with more than enough time to spare to let the singers get their luggage off the buss, get their hotel key, and then rush right back to the bus.  We were ready to be off to the fun in the sun beach.  Well the short story is we had Hope, and well Hope left us for a bit, and we got Love.  Truth be told we had enough of Love pretty quick, but it got us to our new destination the Kennedy Space Center.  Just so you know this is were Love left us, but we got Hope back!  

The singers had a lot more fun here than I had anticipated.  Honestly it has gotten bigger, and lots of new stuff since I was back here as a singer.  One of the singers called it a “Vintage” shirt, but it was Emily and I’s 2001 tour.  You had the opportunity to watch an Imax in 3D, meet a real life astronaut, or even see the real life Shuttle Atlantis.  From there we got out just as a storm was blowing in from our Hot and humid day back to the bus just in time! We headed from their to our newest church to setup as we have a call time of 715AM, and 3 services.  Each singer got a host home, and off we are.  We are looking forward to performing well for this host church, and some previous sponsors that gave 12 years of their life to New G!! 


Day 7 – July 21, 2017 – Jacksonville, Florida

We started out our day with another opportunity to start at 9AM for a load out.  Now I know most of you that have gone on tour know that most of the time those days are Rare.  I think we have been blessed with those days more than I can remember on this trip.  Thank Goodness, as I think Christian appreciates it more than anyone (Maybe Renee too). 

Off to Jacksonville Florida, where the singers are most excited for the opportunity to go to the sunny beach, and experience the waves of the ocean.  For us sponsors its about reminding them that the waves take you down shore from us, and waste deep is good enough for our comfort.  It was fun, and all made it back safe with a few sand castles, or maybe even partially burring someone in the sand.  I am sure most brought back more sand with them than what they really wanted, or imagined they would.  


Day 6 – July 20, 2017 – Ft. Walton Beach, Florida

I have decided to let a Singer write this day, so you will have to let me know how she did!! 

The call I have yet to send to my mom I’m sorry.

Hey mom! I hope everything is well at home. I’m sorry I haven’t called yet this tour, I’ve just been having too much fun. Today we woke up in Birmingham, Alabama still a little hung over from last night’s powerful performance (which you can catch live on our Facebook page @ngsingers). I woke up this morning and ate my usual hotel breakfast- half a waffle- found my bus partner and went to bus draw. I was a little tired this morning, but I powered through not sleeping by touching up on my bus surfing capabilities. For lunch, we had many options and I chose a Mexican restaurant. It’s weird- I haven’t had McDonald’s once on tour, but I have had fajitas for lunch. After lunch, I had an amazing nap with Florida rain as my lullaby. I was kindly awoken with amazing news- we were having a Walmart stop! This means, we get to stop at Walmart. Going to Walmart back home seems to be more of a chore than an adventure, but on tour- Walmart stops are almost as exciting as Disney itself. You can get fun surprises for your secret pal, grab some deodorant you forgot to pack, and maybe get your favorite drink. We can grab an extra surprise for our secret pal, the deodorant we forgot to pack and even pick up our favorite drink. After Walmart, we arrived at the church. The special thing about this church is that New G inspired them to build a Christian Life Center- basically a gym with a stage and a kitchen. One of the performance highlights was challenging Chris to play hymns that the congregation called out. I personally enjoyed being back at this church because I’m staying at the same host home I stayed at last time. We got a glimpse at the Gulf Coast and tomorrow we will be at the Atlantic Coast.

Much love mom!


Day 5 – July 19, 2017 – Birmingham, Alabama

Today was a pretty moving day.  Not that any other day isn’t with New G.  It is just that walking through the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, and then singing on the same stage as Dr. Martin Luther King once spoke, and the historical bombing makes one think.  What really moved me was a couple of things.  First when talking to some of the singers about their experience in the Institute, some had tears in their eyes not believing how people were being treated.  We had an emotional opportunity to sing Steal Away right in front of the Institute as well.  

The next most impressive thing was we had a pretty light audience at the church.  Some might think then the kids would offer an off night.  Maybe not give as much on the stage as they would for an audience that would be packed to the roof.  Not this group.  Already impacted by the Institute, and being in the actual 16th Street Baptist Church they gave their most emotional, and impactful performance yet.  Best of all if you missed it, it was a live feed from their to our Facebook page, so you really should go and check it out.  Every year there is that one stop that you remember for the rest of your life.  While all stops are significant, there is just that one that you look back and say WOW.  This might have been it!!


IMG_6755 IMG_6742






Day 4 – July 18, 2017 – Huntsville, Alabama

This turned out to be another travel day for us.  However, on our way out of Scottsville, KY we were told about a cave rich in history, and was pretty massive.  You might be able to tell that by the name of the National Park, Mammoth Cave.  We found out that it was used to help make gun powder as it was rich in the necessary excrement from bats in the soil.  We also learned that in the early days when they were exploring the cave that some learned the hard way on having enough sticks to get them out of the cave…that is enough sticks they could burn to light the way.  Some perished due to not having any light in order to be able to exit.  If you think about it, without the light of Christ in our lives in may be hard to find a way out of some situations we face in life.  

While in the cave we sang a bit of Steal Away for the folks working the cave, and for some of the people there to visit.  It always amazes me how many stop in awe of what we do, and how many people we impact simply by singing in a super cool, and memorable space.  One for the memory books for sure! There are a few pics in this one for one of the Social dress up days too!


Day 3 – July 17, 2017 – Scottsville, Kentucky (with a Surprise Stop)

We got a great opportunity at a hotel last night, not only was it commercial for all, but load out and departure was 9AM.  So that meant some extra sleep.  As we rolled out of Evansville, we decided to make a small detour to a pretty awesome space that is worth the time.  As a matter of fact Matt and Emily remember when they were singers visiting here.  That’s right, we stopped at the Louisville Slugger Bat Factory.  We got to hold an Eric Hosmer bat, and hold a KC Royals World Series Bat, as well as Chicago Cubs.  At the end of the tour, showing us how they make the bats, they gave all of us our very own small bat to take home!!  

From there we were off to our next stop and performance, Scottsville Baptist Church.  What a warm welcoming crowd.  The music Minister Ken Vinsion is a new relationship for us from one of our local church leaders.  He was in love with our program, and so was the crowd.  What a beautiful church, and after a great greenroom we were off to another great performance from the singers!!  They just keep getting better.  








Day 2 – July 16, 2017 – Evansville, Indiana

Today was another great day, starting at Chatham UMC.  We sang for both morning services at 8:15AM and the 10:45AM service.  One neat feature of this church is they always feed their congregation between those two services breakfast.  We also found while outside doing greenroom they had a big bell out on the street they rang just before service started.  It was great to be a part of the Chatham UMC family for our short stay, and we know the singers felt impacted by their love.  
We spent the better part of our day traveling to Evansville, stopping at a Steak and Shake along the way, a Bemo favorite. We didn’t have to hurry to our next stop as we are staying at our first commercial night for Tour with the whole group; no Sing Out for this evening.  Here’s to a great night of sleep with full tummy’s! 

Day 1 – July 15, 2017 – Chatham, Illinois

I say it every year — it is so great to start tour the way we do.  I love seeing all the families get together, and the past alumni come with their kids getting on a tour bus.  What fond memories we all share of tours past, and what this tour will be.  It started with the singers doing a great job getting the buses and the truck loaded.  They followed with a memorable worship service upstairs with lots of firsts.  Rev. Doug Walter from Ashland UMC performed his first send off of the New Generation Singers, and we had a heart warming send off speaker from Kaleb Johnson.  Yes, in case you missed it, he made most of us cry, but this is from many years of great service and great memories of the group.  From there to our great group picture, and then we were off with the famous Byron Whistle we have all heard to “load ’em up”!!  

We arrived at a very gracious and laid back church at Chatham UMC, and were greeted by Rev Sarah.  They were very excited to see us, and the audience was more than awesome.  We got some tasty home-cooked food, and then we were ready for our first show.  The singers did a great job and performed well.  We decided to do our Informal set for this evening, to leave something for the families to see on Sunday morning.  Now we are off to bed to enjoy some rest so we can be ready for the Morning service tomorrow.  Hope you enjoy the pics!! 

IMG_6086 IMG_6117