Broadway comes to New G

Most of us never get to meet Broadway stars, even if we are frequent Broadway show attendees. But in early March, New G got the chance to not only meet a star, he coached the group and several individuals. We’re talking about Jeff Kready who grew up in Topeka, Kansas. (And you thought Kansas was all wheat and cattle!)

How did this come about? Well, Bemo used to sing with and compete against Jeff’s dad, Rick Kready. Bemo has kept in touch with Jeff throughout Jeff’s quick rise to stead work on Broadway. Jeff’s most recent show, “A Gentlemen’s Guide to Love and Murder” recently closed after a very successful run. The time off gave Jeff the time to visit St. Joseph and spend a Sunday evening with New G.

Here’s more information from Bemo (which might have been borrowed from Facebook) followed by pictures provided¬†by Matt Paden and Bemo.

Broadway Actor Jeff Kready visited New G to work with the group and individuals. Singers got to have Jeff help them on a prepared piece, ask questions, and hear stories of Jeff’s participation in Les Miz, Billy Elliott and Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. A big THANK YOU to Jeff for sharing his time!

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