Youth Leadership

While the sponsors oversee New G, an elected group of New G members is in charge of running the week-to-week activities. The executive committee – aka “Exec” – are elected by the membership. Exec consists of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, immediate past-president, elected ‘at large’ representatives and five sponsors. Exec serves as the leadership hub of the group by creating, organizing and following up on ideas which help the group succeed. Their main duties are membership, social activities, financial resources and chairing various committees and work crews. The executive committee offers the opportunity for members to gain valuable leadership experience through increased responsibility.

The officers are elected to lead the group in the planning, administration and implementation of New G activities as well as provide a communications link between the sponsors and membership.

New G also has many work crews and committees that function through- out the year — especially during the summer — to organize many facets of the group. For example, on tour there are committees responsible for lights, risers, sound, taping cables, handing out programs and of course the ever favorite, bus clean-up. During the year, a social committee plans many fun non-singing events and a worship committee plans weekly worship time dur- ing rehearsals — just to name a few.

Congratulations to the following on being elected officers and exec for the 2015-16 year:

President: Kaitlyn Harrison
Vice President: Lauren Cole
Treasurer: Allyson Bryson
Secretary: Megan Sprague


The 2016-2017 Officer Team (aka The Fearsome Four) (l-r): Lauren Cole, Vice President; Kaitlyn Harrison, President; Megan Sprague, Secretary; Allyson Bryson, Treasurer.


Exec: (back row, l-r): Maggie McCarthy, Olivia Sweiger, Andy Peterson, Keatley Cotter
 Front: Lexie Bryson, Malissa Hafley, William Gentry, Jackson Connors, Mathan Mrkvicka









Sometimes it’s better not to ask – I don’t know what they were doing (but we do have a lot of fun at New G).