2019 Tour

Tour Itinerary can be found here


Day 4 – July 16, 2019 – North Versailles, Pennsylvania

This day was another great day where we got to pick up the kids at the Chome.  I truly think that Paul did an amazing thing.  Not to under play any other pastors choice to host us here, but to already be hosting a large group from out of the country, it would have been easy to say no to us, but he said Yes to the us twice! 

After we got loaded at the Chome we got on the road to get ice for the coolers, and have an enjoyable quiet morning for some of us to take a morning nap.  After that it was on the road through Ohio for our Lunch Stop.  Since it was such a short day, we needed to kill some time, so I bet you can not quess what we did…….Yes, it was the First Wal-Mart stop of the Tour.  It always is so funny to see how that type of stop is so exciting for a bunch of Midwest Kids. 

Then to our next stop at St. Johns Lutheran church.  We met a new contact from their interim pastor, Pastor Erin! it is always great to meet someone new, and help the name and brand of New G now live in some new people.  The kids gave a great performance to a new crowd, and continue to take their efforts to new levels every time they go.  Be sure to keep posting stuff to from home with the #ngtour2k19.  Thank you all for what you are doing already! 


Day 3 – July 15, 2019 – Mansfield, Ohio

Today was the day…today was the day that we completed our family. WOW they (Carol, Cailey, Mac, Joey and Danielle) got in the car around 3:00 a.m. from St. Joseph, They literally drove all the way to us, just to drop off our five that were in the very popular Newsie’s show and watch us drive away. So I would like to say thank you to the dedicated driver and co-pilot that made that happen, and we hope you had safe travels home.  

Then we started down the road to a very popular stop amongst the sponsor family due to a dedicated pastor that loves to support us, and the fact that he has Chome. Yes that is a church that is a home, hence the Chome. Joseph truly loves to stay there, I am pretty sure it is a tour highlight for him.  

The kids gave another great performance, and we are starting to work on the little things to help them improve each time. They keep finding different songs that push them forward on how they are presenting and singing the song. Tonight we also experienced a great culture opportunity since the church we were singing at was also hosting a Chinese group in town on their mission trip. So the singers got to sit next to many of them and attempt to get to know them. It was their final evening in town and our program was the final goodbye before they depart tomorrow.  

Can’t be prouder of how they are acting, and the way they are pouring themselves into the performances. If you get a chance, be sure to chat with your singer as well, ask them if they have Day 3’d ;-P!!


Scott’s camera from Day 1 Send-Off

Sorry for the delay (it’s a long story) but you can click here for the pictures I took at send-off; and what happens when the buses are gone.


Day 2 – July 14, 2019 – Savoy, Illinois

We had a semi-early start, with the arrival time of 8:00 a.m. – that is not bad for a morning church service. This year we just did one Sunday service. The church was just as warm in the morning as they were to our evening concert.  Afterwards we got to spend some time with them eating cookies and drinking some lemonade to enjoy the time we had with them. One of the best parts is we got on the road way earlier than we normal, so we spent some time in downtown Springfield, Ill. The kids experienced some Abraham Lincoln historical aspects on the second day of our trip.  Some of them even did a scavenger hunt in the downtown area, how fun is that! 

Then off for a short leg to Savoy, Ill. The only thing about short days is that Christian does not get his full nap in.  Speaking of Christian, today is his official birthday, and we got the group together to sing to him at dinner time. You could just see him grinning from ear to ear as they sang, it was pretty darn cute. For the evening performance we sang at Villa of Hallbrook, a retirement village, and did an abbreviated concert for them. The kids gave their hearts out yet again to this performance, and boy did the audience appreciate it. The best yet, is each of them took the time to shake hands, and visit with the patrons that joined us.  I bet it was a great night for all.  We finished the night with our first group hotel stay, and so far so good.  

Now the real question is, how long do Matt, Bemo, Chad and Sam really stay up…let’s hope no one really has to find out!! 









Day 1 – July 13, 2019 – Rochester, Illinois

What an amazing day. There is just something about the hustle and bustle of being at Ashland United Methodist Church early for tour, with the buses running, and people beginning to work to get us on the road. Having all the families there to send their loved ones on an amazing adventure that most in this world do not get a chance to do. Today our special speaker was Brian Prashack that sent us off with his words of wisdom from his 12 years of New G that he could impart on us. Thank you to both his wife Amy, and him for being there early to share with us his great words. It might be important to know that WOW you made a difference in their performance this evening. Rev. Doug Walter from AUMC was amazing as always, as his relationship continues to grow with us, it is such a great fit. A large portion of his words were using the great commission to send us out to the world ready to serve God’s word through song and spirit.  

We were welcomed by an amazing church in Rochester, Ill, Rochester United Methodist Church, and our old friend Brian was there to say HI as soon as we arrived. It sure does help to see a familiar face when we arrive. The group was setting up like they had done this a million times before. Moving all their stuff to where it belonged, and then getting set up, all the way to a great meal provided by the church. Then the WOW came during their performance. Must have been their energy, or the words they heard this morning, but they let loose on the first performance like we haven’t seen before. Now to our first night of rest, and a morning performance at the same church. 

It should also be noted that it is always feel a little off when all of our family is not on tour with us. We left several at home this year for multiple reasons. Please know that we are praying for you, and hope you have safe travels out to us.  We cant wait to have you here!

Stay tuned here for all our updates, and don’t forget to use #ngtour2k19 for all your social media posts associated with New G tour!!