2021 Tour

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2021 Tour is set to begin on Thursday July 22, 2021. Stay tuned here for all the updates!

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DAY 1 – July 22, 2021 – St. Joseph, MO to Decatur, IL

WOW what a day. I mean did you ever wonder if this day would come with the way that 2020 went. I would say the road to the 2021 tour, has been in Gods plan for some time now, we just had to get out of his way to let it happen. All of the perfect timing, and folks say Yes to a group of kids from Missouri to share his word in song…I mean WOW.

We felt the amazing love today at Send Off with the families there to see us off. With fellow singers that just could not make it on this tour making sure we made it out safe, and they knew we missed and love them. THEN Grace did a great job speaking at our send off. It was not only moving, but very well said. Plus the way we feel the support and love from AUMC is just simply amazing, thank you for the amazing words today Doug Walter!

However with all that said, tonight was like a freight train that has been waiting since the 2019 tour. Tonight was like the singers that were here decided that this WAS GOING TO BE HUGE. Tonight I just do not think I can put it into words what it was like to be able to do what New G has done for the last 51 years, but be able to say we did it today. Power might be an understatement. Now to Hotel life, and fun room checks. See you tomorrow!

While you are here, check out this day 1 recap: https://youtu.be/1x4_SxXxRrY

Day 2 – July 23, 2021 – Decatur, ILL – Ashland, OH

Todays start was a little bit different for those of us that have been on a few tours. We had a performance, and instead of the singers going with host families as is our usual routine, we were blessed to have them singers come with the Sponsors to the Hotel. We not only got there early enough to be able to get settled in, but they got a small chance to swim before Room Check. Each Singer did an amazing job getting settled in, and fast off the sleep. Then off for our long drive.

I should start this off by saying Thank you to Mike Vestal for driving the truck on our first day of the trip, most may not know but Mike Nelson is unfortunately not with us on this trip, so our sponsor family is supporting the trip by taking turns driving the truck. So Thank you to the Porters today for driving this days journey as well.

Today was yet another performance, but a stop with a familiar face with Paul, owner of the legendary Chome…He owns a Church, and it is also his Home, lovingly called the Chome by his New G Family! We setup to perform at another church near there, and had our first outside performance with our White New G T shirts on, and they did amazing again. You can continue to see God in each of the singers life’s as they truly devote their heart to sharing Gods love in song. If this is the start of an amazing tour, let me tell you what…buy your homecoming tickets now…WOW!

Day 3 – July 24, 2021 – Ashland, OH – Huntingdon, PA

We have had an amazing start to our Tour season with these first two performances, and with all the kids getting their first opportunity to come home from their first Host Homes you could just feel the energy from our first round of what felt like a normal tour to those that have experienced before. To those that was getting their first experience it was a pretty memorable opportunity to be able to learn what staying in a host home was like. Our host churches never cease to amaze us, but I would say that a lot of folks are hungry for the hope, and energy a group like us can provide to any community.

From here we took off at around 830AM and was headed towards Oasis of Love, but our first stop was a place that New G has visited before, the Flight 93 memorial. We have been there when it was still just a farm field, and a nice man was letting us know what happened there. Now there stands these amazing buildings, and the ability to remember what the Souls on board say NOT ON MY WATCH to the terrorist that took over the plan. The memorial is very inspiring to those of us that view the time markers of what and when, as well as how things happened. On top of all of that, they have the field outlined as to where things went down. In years past, New G had left several crosses adorning the make shift memorial there, while we did not find those, you could tell the presence of God was there.

A special thank you to our Sponsor Family that was in full support to help Renee and I after Christian got into a fight with a door that required us to spend some time at the Hospital. He is in great spirits, just inconvenienced with his dominate hand. Each Sponsor played a special role in helping us take great care of our family. Couldn’t do what we do without them.

Then off to get setup for our Sunday Performances at Oasis of Love.

Day 4 – July 25, 2021 – Oasis of Love – Huntingdon, PA – Sunday Performances

We arrived early enough to the Oasis of Love that we were able to setup for our performance on the evening before, so it would give us extra rest, and time to make our setup as perfect as we could. We were up, and ate a great breakfast before Bemo asked us to be at Rehearsal. We learned that their congregation had somewhat recently gotten back together to have corporate worship, and they were really excited to see us, and we were excited to have another performance to keep the juices flowing. Art Speck had some kind words during the service, and after, which is always great to hear from him.

After the performance, we ate lunch there, actually it might be important to say that they provided us all meals from the time we arrived to when we left. Either way, we at lunch, and had some opportunity to enjoy some fellowship, and time with each other. We filled that time with also taking care of our Leadership meeting to let folks get signed up for our Executive committee, and officers as well. Then off we were to one of our favorite sing out locations. The Amphitheater at the lake.

The Amphitheater at the National Park is a New G treasure, so many memories have been made there, and I would have to say that this year did not change that feeling at all. I think one of the treasures is we are so high up on the Mountain that the view down to the water is simply amazing, but the kids not only get a view of the audience but they get to sing to Gods creation over their audiences head. They effected so many lives, including their own. I wish all of you could be there in person, it is almost as impactful as homecoming!

PS you should ask some about the EPIC Basketball game…we might have needed Refs!

Day 5 – July 26, 2021 – Oasis of Love, final Full Day – The Hike!

We didn’t know this going into the day, but man, we had a fun filled, action pack day that took us all the way to bed. Our day started out with another amazing breakfast, and then we were off for an early morning Hike to a place called Balance Rock. This Hike had special and amazing views all the way up, and it was FUN. The kids did not complain at all about the about a Mile Walk! We were told that Art knew someone that might have tried to take the Rock off Balance a long time ago, but it didn’t work!

Next we went from our Hike, all in all it was around 2 miles of walking, to head to the beach at the Lake. Thats right, they had a beach at the lake. We were there to eat at the concession stand, which was great to see how well that concession stand did on handling our 54 or so people on a Monday. Then down to the Lake to swim, have fun, and wash off the hike from the day!

After the Hike we were treated to the Ice Cream that Bemo always says he is going to get us, but guess who, Art. What a great way to end the busy first half of our day.

That is right I said half, we headed back for an another amazing dinner that started at 530PM, so the kids had time for an epic game of Volleyball, or to simply rest in the AC for a bit.

Then we enjoyed our Tour Worship with a Warm Fuzzy theme, where Emily and Joseph sang some amazing camp songs, and got us into a worship mode. Then Emily read us an amazing book telling us the story about Warm Fuzzies, and it was such a simple, yet amazing refreshing moment for us to enjoy as a New G Family.

Then we played a little live action Mafia, the Girls had a second Annual girls night, and off to bed! WOW what a crazy busy day, but filled with many amazing warm fuzzy moments for a lifetime! A special note to Oasis of Love, We thank you, and appreciate you always making what we do easy,

Day 6 – July 27, 2021 – Huntingdon, PA to Sandusky, OH – On our way back home!

Today after all we did the night before was simply a travel day. We said good bye to our extended family at Oasis of Love, and started our journey back towards home. So today is the official day that we consider it our start pointed towards home. The kids needed a lot of rest so it was a quiet morning, and then even a quiet afternoon.

We arrived at the destination the singers have been talking about for so long. We even found a way to tease them with a special surprise. The Myers family a dinner boat cruise on Lake Erie, and it was AMAZING! I know we are only gone for 10 days, but we are packing in so many amazing memories. Our dinner cruise not only featured Pizza, a wonderful view of the Sunset, with so many picturesque moments. It also featured a live band, some amazing dancing from our Singers, and tons of space to roam around to soak in the environment.

PS…Please note the progression of the awesome photo bomb happening in Matt and Madison taking a picture. Kudos to their greatness.

To top all that off, they were able to see views of Cedar Pointe from the water, and dream about what they will be able to do tomorrow on yet another amazing day. If we have not said it before, lets just say it now. We LOVE Tour, and all the amazing work that goes into helping create these amazing memories. Thanks to the Myers family for all you do!

Day 7 – July 28, 2021 – Sandusky, OH – Cedar Point Day!

We had a day that we could start late with a bus load time of 945AM. So hopefully it was plenty of time to get some rest, and enjoy their evening. Because they sure were going to need it, as we were going to be in the park from 1030AM until close to when the Park closes. Todays high was somewhere around 80 degrees with no clouds.

They were excited for the roller coaster capital of the world, and boy this place did not let us down with all the thrill rides that where possible to ride. Most of the rides were about an 1 hour wait time, some a little more than that, but most were possible to ride several in the time we were there. They each had to get their own lunch, and dinner, as well as souvenirs while in the park.

It is starting to get real, we only have two more performances before getting home, and they are starting to get excited about that!

PS…Enjoy the pics, they are from the Kids day, we had them text them into us so we could share it from their eye!

Day 8 – July 29, 2021 – Sandusky, OH to Clay City, IN

Today heading towards home felt more real than ever. It did however start one of my favorite parts, and that is I love that we have several performances to before we get to perform for our home audience. So today started with an easy load time and our first load in the rain. Thank goodness it was not a very strong rain, and honestly it cooled off the morning enough to make for a comfortable temp.

Then off to stop at another Loves that has a couple of meal choices, and see their faces when two busses pull up. Thank goodness it is way easier with the numbers we have to stop both busses at one spot, and get us all fed in the time needed for us to move on.

Then a stop at our first ever visit in Clay City, IN, thanks to a new local pastor in St. Joseph, MO helping us get the stop, and they were ready for us. We had a great meal, and the kids you could tell were maybe a bit tired, and wore out from the day at Cedar Point, but they were not going to be denied to help this audience see what they see through song. It is always impressive to see these kids do what they do, and even more impressive to see the audience love on them they way they do.

We hope you are finding ways to get your tickets ready for homecoming! They are going fast!

Day 9 – July 30, 2021 – Clay City, IN to Hannibal, MO

Today started where we could actually watch the breakfast station close at the hotel. We had a 930 Bus Draw, and 930AM load time for us to roll out by 10AM. That was such great news for all of us to be able to get the extra sleep just before we gave our last performance on tour.

The day started out where we filled out our Tour Surveys, pass around the ever popular friendship books, and filled out our tour awards. They kids were still able to get their nap in, so it was a relatively quiet ride to Hannibal, MO. When we arrived we stopped at the hotel first to be able to drop off our bags, and get checked into our room.

This stop was a first for us in Hannibal and a first for us a Calvary Baptist Church. That is so great, because our home has a church with the same name. It was amazing to meet all of them, and they were a great church for us to be able to be at. The kids gave such a great performance for them, and their crowd really did a great job getting our singers all amped up for our trip home.

I hope our families are ready for such an amazing performance, I know the kids are ready and the Energy is UP!