The passing of Rod Powell…

…guitarist in the first New G Band. Bemo talked about Rod in the last regular rehearsal as well as both of the virtual rehearsals. Rod is an example of someone close to our New G community who died due to the Corona virus.

Bemo talks about Rod toward the beginning of this video – starting at the -30:22 mark. Bemo mentioned that that trio went on to form a band called Crossroads and that Rod may have also recorded an album. Bemo also remembers hearing that Rod was talked about as the next “Kenny” – later confirmed to be Kenny Loggins.

Most recently, Rod was a staple of the Vail, Colorado, area (be sure to read the articles and comments about Rod’s popularity).

Here is a picture of Rod – he is standing in the back.

You can also find articles about Rod at the following links. Be sure to read any available comments. Although New G is not mentioned by name, it’s obvious that Rod lived the life all New Generation Singers should strive for.
Vail Daily
Denver Post
If anyone finds his formal obituary, please email me here. And if anyone has comments they would like to add to this page, email them as well and I will post them.