Our return visit to Francis Street First United Methodist Church was a memorable and heartfelt experience. The beautiful, traditional church, with its old church pews and stunning stained glass windows, provided a picturesque setting for our performance. This special day was dedicated to honoring the fathers in our lives, adding a layer of warmth and appreciation to the occasion. The New Generation Singers, who have performed at this church in the past, were once again welcomed with open arms, a testament to the enduring relationship we share with this wonderful congregation.

The performance was particularly noteworthy as it featured our guest director, Ashley Porter. Under her skilled guidance, the kids delivered an outstanding performance that resonated deeply with everyone present. Their dedication and talent shone through each song, creating an atmosphere of joy and reverence. The combination of their youthful energy and the church’s rich history made for an unforgettable “sermon in song” that touched the hearts of all attendees.

Following the performance, we enjoyed a time of fellowship in the church’s welcoming hall. Sharing snacks and engaging in meaningful conversations with the church patrons enhanced the sense of community and camaraderie. The warmth and hospitality of the Francis Street First United Methodist Church members made us feel at home, reinforcing the special bond we have formed over the years. This visit was not just a performance but a celebration of faith, music, and the cherished relationships that continue to grow stronger with each visit.


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