1970 – It’s the Lord’s Thing – First ever sermon-in-song presented on December 13, 1970, at Wyatt Park Christian Church in St. Joseph, Mo.

1971 – I Looked for Love – First tour lasting one week to Texas; first Homecoming performance.

1972 – God is Real – First two-week tour, presented with leather crosses, the symbol of membership.

1973 – It’s Getting Late – 56 performances of the sermon-in-song.

1974 – Come Together in Jesus’ Name – First year for the traditional Benediction.

1975 – It Begins Now – 120 member group travels to California.

1976 – In God We Trust – Group goes northwest, visiting Idaho, Washington, Utah and Montana.

1977 – No Deposit, No Return – Performance on Capitol steps in Washington, D.C., which gets New G entered in Congressional Record.

1978 – Good News – Recording made and sold to audience members.

1979 – Let’s Get Together – Back to California, first year for the now-annual Christmas concerts in St. Joe.

1980 – Let’s Go Tell the World – New host church at Ashland United Methodist Church.

1981 – Starting Here, Starting Now – Performance at Guide Post in New York.

1982 – Building Bridges – Tour heads to Florida while membership grows to 200.

1983 – Crossroads – Back to California!

1984 – Victory Through Faith – Performance at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

1985 – What Difference Does it Make – 15 year reunion event reunites past members.

1986 – Discipleship–Now What? – Back to Florida with 168 members on four buses.

1987 – V.I.P–You Do Make a Difference – Travel to northeast states as well as Canada.

1988 – These Three Words – Back to California…again!

1989 – Praise the Name of Jesus – Group travels east to Washington D.C. and New York.

1990 – Family of Friends – New G celebrates 20th year and tours Rocky Mountain area.

1991 – A Life Worth Living is a Life Worth Giving – Back to Texas and the southwest U.S.

1992 – Walls Come Down – Tour reaches Washington, Oregon and the great Redwoods.

1993 – A Solitary Christian is Like a Fish Out of Water – Our emcee introducing us in French in Canada!

1994 – In His Image – Group visits Quinter, Kansas, Disneyland and Yosemite National Park.

1995 – Growing in His Son – A “monster trip” to the Edmonton Mall, the largest mall in the world.

1996 – Come Together – Trip to the Mid-Atlantic states and yes, a trip to the beach.

1997 – For This One Reason – A tour to supersede all tours…a cruise to the Bahamas.

1998 – Attitude is Everything – Trip to Disneyland and a performance at a retirement community.

1999 – We Can Make a Difference – Rocky Mountains, Yellowstone and walking on a glacier.

2000 – The Journey – Our evening at a Broadway play, stay in Brooklyn and sing for John Cathcart.

2001 – The Song is Alive – Trips to Disney World, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral.

2002 – We Will Stand – Touring San Francisco, the Jelly Belly factory and visit friends in Sandy, Utah.

2003 – For His Glory – Singing in Abraham Lincoln’s church and Cedar Point amusement park.

2004 – The Power of One – Lake Louise, BANFF, Mt. Rushmore and a special tour worship to remember

2005 – The Lord Whom We Love – Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary, Universal Studios and the Grand Canyon
Program included highlights from the past 35 years.

2006 – Until the End of Time… – NYC, a moving performance at Beulah Church, and seeing Wicked in NYC!

2007 – The Word – Florida – Disney World and Sea World with a close-knit group of singers and sponsors.

2008 – More Than Words – The Canadian Rockies and BANFF and a performance at Mt. Rushmore!

2009 – Ready, Set, GOd – Back to Washington D.C. and memorable stops at Shanksville, Pa. and Arlington
National Cemetery as well as an emotional performance at the New York City Presbyterian Church.

2010 – He’s Alive, Forever, Amen! – New G roughly retraced the tour from 1975 to California!

2011 – God Is… – Three buses to carry an enthusiastic group to New York City and back.

2012 – Definitions – Tour is always fun when it includes Disney World. The “Sermon In Song” theme led to many “best ever” dialogues and “Down to the River to Pray” provided many emotional moments.

2013 – Brighter than the Sun – Often considered the most scenic tour—through the northwest into the Canadian Rockies, with stops at Old Faithful and rafting in Yellowstone.

2014 – Who Am I? – Back to the nation’s capital and many other sites around Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia. Tour also included stays in cabins, Abraham Lincoln’s church bench, and Cedar Point.

2015 – Out of the Blue – Out west to California for our 45th anniversary and lots of very moving performances along the way. We got our kicks while singing on Route 66, outdoors, in Williams, AZ.

2016 – In the Works – Toured New York City, went to a Broadway musical and visited Cedar Point. Also, had an emotional tour worship at the Oasis of Love Church in Huntingdon, PA. where we honored Byron and
Phyllis for starting New G. 

2017 – Soul Aflame – Off to Florida and a chance to see Mickey – a fun impromptu performance in a hotel lobby (Be Our Guest) – a moving performance at the Civil Rights Museum and 16th Street Baptist Church in Alabama

2018 – “…and then they found it.” – Ask most current or past Singers and they will often tell you their favorite Tour was to the Northwest and into Canada. In addition to many impactful performances, highlights included white-water rafting and for the first time, renting the big busses that take you ONTO the glacier.

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