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Alumni Pictures!

Click here for a small collection of past New G memorabilia, including a picture of THE ORIGINAL group from Christmas 1970! If you have pictures you would like to add, email them to Scott at scottdjohnson@hotmail.com and I’ll add them to the album.

2020 De-Tour

The 2020 De-Tour is over. Check out the pictures by clicking the link in the top menu or click here.

It’s official – May 31st

It’s official, New G will meet IN PERSON on May 31st at Ashland. But there are some important things to be aware of…– we will meet in the Sanctuary; the chuch has asked us to do so because the sanctuary is cleaned Sunday evenings.– hand sanitizers will be administered before and after meeting.– masks are […]

Virtual Rehearsals

Matt and Bemo have continued with virtual rehearsals. Be sure to visit the New G Facebook page each Sunday for live rehearsals and then come back to watch recordings. Click here to watch the video from 3/22 – it’s worth it! The plan is to keep posting these “rehearsals”. Perhaps they’ll take requests for content. […]

Paul Kunz’s $50 for 50 fundraiser

Paul Kunz – singer/sponsor alum – has graciously created the “$50 for 50” Facebook fundraiser to support New G. As you can imagine, this fundraiser has become even more important during this Cornonavirus pandemic due to limited opportunities to raise support, both for the group in general as well as for the kids.Click here to […]

The passing of Rod Powell…

…guitarist in the first New G Band. Bemo talked about Rod in the last regular rehearsal as well as both of the virtual rehearsals. Rod is an example of someone close to our New G community who died due to the Corona virus. Bemo talks about Rod toward the beginning of this video – starting […]

Food/Pizza Sale is on hold

EDIT: Due to circumstances at Hy-Vee as well as the obvious issues with the COVID-19 situation, the Food sale is currently on hold. We hope to resume sales and fullfilment ASAP. Those of you that ordered on-line, should be getting an automatic refund in the next few days, if not, contact me here. It’s that […]

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