Every year, The New Generation Singers eagerly anticipate our return to Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church. This cherished tradition feels like coming home, not only for the beauty of the sanctuary and the uplifting music we create there but also for the warm hospitality and genuine kindness extended to us by the church community. 

One of the highlights of our visits is the thoughtful preparation of the greenroom. The cookies and water provided are more than just refreshments; they are tokens of care and consideration that make us feel truly valued. The expansive gym space offers a perfect haven for us to relax and unwind before and after our performances. Here, we can stretch out, share laughs, and build camaraderie, reinforcing the strong sense of community that defines our choir.

What stands out most is the shared joy we experience with the church members. Their enthusiasm and support infuse our performances with extra energy and meaning, creating a sense of unity and celebration that transcends the music itself. Our annual return to Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church is more than just a recurring event on our calendar; it is a heartfelt reunion, a time when the bonds between The New Generation Singers and the church community are strengthened. We look forward to many more years of shared music, joy, and the enduring sense of home that Huffman Memorial provides.


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