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Latest News & Announcements

NG Christmas Concert AUMC 12/17/22

Day two brought so many amazing things, another full sanctuary for the singers to perform to.  Another opportunity to share the true message of the Christmas season.  The concert was amazing, an the singers did such a good job. We had a very moving and motivating...

New G Christmas Concert 121622

Today was the day we got back at it.  We got back to singing for our friends and family for our first Christmas Concert of the season.  It was so heart warming to be back at what we do.  Thank you to all of you that attended, and if you missed it, you have one more...

New G Hall of Fame – Christopher Alexander

Homecoming was a special day for the Alexander family.  See if many of you do not know, Janet Alexander heads up our parent team for setup at our Homecoming conert.  Last night I heard the special way she found out that her Son was going to be inducted into a...

Tour Day 13 – Mt. Rushmore – Back to the Campground

Today started with a bit more sleep than we normally get when we head back the way we are we generally loose enough time we have to get up super early.  Since today was a journey to Mt. Rushmore, we were able to get loaded at 9AM to head there.  When we asked how...

Tour Day 11 – Cody WY – White Water Rafting – Rodeo

Today was day two of camping, and the first night seemed to had gone really well.  Well except for the fact that a group that was staying at our comp site, came back super excited from the Rodeo, and late, and a bit rowdy, while we were already to go to sleep in...

Tour Day 10 – Cody, WY – Old Faithful & Cody City Park

Today we started off with a great breakfast, in a pretty fantastic hotel that was very rustic, and spacious.  On top of that they had a great breakfast space that we were able to use in order to feed the group.  You could tell the kids really appreciated the rustic...

2022 Singouts & Tour

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