This year’s Sermon in Song is entitled “L.O.V.E”. Limitless. Overcome. Vivacious. Embrace. Throughout the sermon, these four words are used to describe God’s love and how we as Christians are able to share that love with others. 

When deciding on this theme, the Music and Dialogue committee knew that they wanted to center the theme around love, but they wanted to put a unique spin on the word. This allowed for a lengthy discussion about what God’s love is, and how we can show it. Throughout this discussion, many words were brought up that matched the letters of the word, so they created an acronym. 

The L in love stands for limitless. God’s love is limitless and unending. He created the world, gave us life, and sent His one and only son down to die for our sins. With Christ’s death, God’s forgiveness is also limitless. No matter how many times we struggle, sin, or mess up, God is always there with his unlimited love. 

The O in love stands for overcome. With God’s love, we are able to overcome anything and everything that is thrown our way. There are many obstacles that attempt to disrupt our walk with God, but God allows us to overcome these and strengthen our faith through tough times. 

The V in love stands for vivacious. It was a little difficult to come up with a word that starts with the letter V, but we thought vivacious was a great way to describe the love of God. Energetic, enthusiastic, joyful, and bold are all synonyms of vivacious, and they perfectly describe the way that He loves us. 

And finally, the E in love stands for embrace. In order to truly understand God’s love for us, we must embrace the good and the bad. We must embrace the salvation that he offers and just embrace the fact that God loves us no matter what. 

This year’s Sermon in Song, “L.O.V.E.” focuses on the way that God loves us and how we can love others. We hope you love our performance all about “L.O.V.E.”

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