The New Generation Singers (New G) from St. Joseph, Missouri, are super excited to kick off our 2024 Sing-Out season. We can’t wait to hit the road and share our music with everyone. This season is going to be full of awesome performances and great memories, and we’re ready to give it our all.

One of the highlights for us is always our annual photo shoot. It’s not just about taking pictures; it’s a fun way for us to hang out and get pumped for the season. We love dressing up and capturing the spirit of our group. It’s the perfect way to start our season with energy and excitement.

As we gear up for our 2024 season, make sure to save our performance dates. Our local Sing-Out schedule is already posted, so check it out and come see us perform in St. Joseph and nearby areas. We’ll also be traveling to cities across the country when we head out on tour. Seeing you at our shows means a lot to us, and we’re looking forward to sharing our music with you.

Keep an eye out for our full schedule, which will be posted on our website and social media soon. Join us for an amazing season of music and fun. Let’s make the 2024 Sing-Out season the best one yet!

Ps..Enjoy our Photo Shoot day, not every picture makes it to our website! 



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