New G has a very exciting announcement to make… (drumroll please…) We’re going to California! Our New G sponsors, leaders, and officers have been doing a ton of behind-the-scenes work to prepare the group, and get the community excited and involved, to do what we can to glorify God and have an amazing tour next year. 

Two weeks ago, on October 22nd, the New Generation officers had a tour location reveal. The way that the tour reveal worked was that the New G officers presented an item that they brought with them related to the tour route, said a little riddle explaining their item, and put it in a suitcase to hint to where the tour will go. Some hints included a tin foil hat (for the aliens in Nevada of course), some bug spray and camping items, and a pink cowboy hat since we would be traveling through the Southwest where there are cowboys there! 

Our New G members are excited for the 2024 tour, with lots of activities and plans to look forward to; going to the beach, going to Disney, sharing our message, and spending lots of time with friends. We are grateful for all of our sponsors and all the people who contribute to helping New G thrive! If your church is on our route to California, and you are interested in hosting please contact us at  

Host Info: to request for us to sing at your church. 

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