2019 Tour

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Watch the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony Here

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Day 15 – Homecoming – July 27, 2019 – St. Joseph, MO

They left two weeks ago with 81 and they returned with 81; a little tired, but excited to see family, friends and pets. After a well-choreographed setup and quick warm-up, it was time to go “Along the Way” one more time. Thanks to Matt Paden for daily updates as well as pictures from Carol Myers and Matt. Enjoy the pictures – this time from me, Scott Johnson.


Tour Social and Worship Wrap up – Morning of July 27, 2019

A special thank you to all the singers that made this year amazing, and to those of you that know that your journey with New G is over. We wish you the best, but please always know that you are forever a part of the family.  

Speaking of family each year we have a special session before we leave that allows us to reveal our secret pals, and have a small worship. This year we were blessed with the Myers family quartet performing a little musical number for us, along with all the other great things that happen in this private ceremony.  

I should also say a HUGE thank you to Scott Johnson for helping make sure this website is updated for you shortly after homecoming. This gives me a great opportunity to sleep, and get caught up on some things at home!!! 


Day 14 – July 26, 2019 – St. Louis, MO

Sometimes this day feels so weird. Maybe it is because it is the final day. Maybe it is because you can feel the energy in each of us begin to rise as we consider what it will be like to arrive at home to sing for our family. Maybe it is the feeling of knowing this is the last performance of the summer tour season at a familiar church, and with Alumni that knows us well.  

It was great to see Mike Kunz again, and he is always excited to see us, and have us in his church. His church, Bethel Lutheran Church is always so gracious with their time and efforts in taking great care of us. And their church is always super photogenic and has some amazing beauty throughout.  

As with the usual plan, the singers got their homecoming plan, and they now know who will go on the day of Homecoming. I think this always has them give a spirited performance on this final tour stop. I think this makes some realize that this might be their last tour stop of their New G career, all while several are excited about how they can serve the group.

We hope each of you are super excited. We are excited to see all your faces, and the awesome signs that you will make for your singer to be home. Here’s to a great day tomorrow! 



Day 13 – July 25, 2019 – Indianapolis, Indiana

Today we sang at Rosewalk Nursing Care Facility. This was the second one this tour, and not the first that we have done over the years. There is certainly something rewarding that happens when we get an opportunity to sing at a place like this. They certainly are grateful, and the kids do a great job.

You can start to feel the energy of the kids getting ready to be home and perform for their local audience. They are starting to talk about it, and each day they just get more and more excited. So if you haven’t taken the time to get your tickets yet, you can do so by contacting Janet Alexander, or you can buy your tickets at the door at Wyatt Park Baptist Church.  

Be sure to get your sign ready for your singer and make sure everyone is there to greet someone. Here’s to our night of swimming and a bit a good sleep to make tomorrow great on our way home…See you soon! 


(No additional pictures today)

Day 12 – July 24, 2019 – Sandusky, Ohio – CEDAR POINT

This was one of the days that many of them just couldn’t wait for. This was the day that many of them were going to ride a roller coaster that took them from 0 – 125 MPH in just a few seconds on a 90 degree hill. Today was the day that they would find their favorite roller coaster of all time.  

Really, many of them found their way in this amazing amusement park that is just full of all types of fun, but it is truly known as the Roller Coaster Capital of amusement parks. There is truly something for everyone. If you haven’t had the chance to look up what types of coasters are there, check out Millennium Force, Top Thrill Dragster, and Valraven just name a few. All of these broke some kind of record when they first opened.  

We definitely spent the day there, from when they opened to 8PM, then back to the hotel to swim, and enjoy some fellowship with each other. Oh, the picture of Christian is just because he loves his blanket we think as much as Linus does! 


Day 11 – July 23, 2019 – Mansfield, Ohio

While this was a travel day, we would like to thank Paul from the Chome on finding a way to get our singers housed for us on this trip back.  What great effort on his part to help make this happen, and to have the sponsors have a bit of an early night back to the Hotel. 

However a bit of fun we had while on our way back to the Chome we made a special stop.  You see today was a Themed day for tour from Social.  They decided today would be Christmas in July, and we watched the moving on our trip, A Christmas Story.  Why you might ask…Bemo arranged for us to be able to stop and visit the actual home that had several shots from, and had several historical items from the movie on site.  It was a great experience.  We had a lot of fun finding the Bunny Suit, the Red Rider BB Gun, and many more amazing items!  Enjoy your journey through the pics! 


Day 10 – July 22, 2019 – Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 

This was a travel day for us leaving DC, and heading back to the Oasis of Love.  As we left a fun filled scheduled in DC, we also sent home due to his schooling, Andy Peterson.  I think this might be the first time we had to loose someone on tour due to something like that since I have been back.  I can say that he will be missed on the rest of our journey, but will definitely be with us Along the Way! 

We had scheduled another opportunity for us to sing at the Seven Points Amphitheater again due to the day was supposed to not have any rain per a few days ago.   Of course as we arrive we arrive to a 90% chance of rain the rest of the day. So this gave us a chance to relax a bit, have a “Girls Night”, play a bit of basketball, and enjoy time with each other.  

We also had the opportunity to present to the group the Worship for this years tour.  For those that do not know we each year stop for a bit so that can find a way to recharge in the word, and fellowship with each other.  This years them was Love Anyways, and we used a Quote Mother Teresa had up in an Orphanage, and can be found here. It is always great to get this recharge, it seems like each year it is the right motivation to move the group forward! 

Lastly, in the morning of the 23rd, we had a very special induction Ceremony for the Pastor that helps facilitate our housing, and stay while at the Oasis of Love.  Pictures of that Ceremony can be found below.  


Day 9 – July 21, 2019 – Washington, DC

Today was filled with some firsts for a lot of people. I will start with our first stop. We were able to sing at a new church in Washington, DC for the first time in several trips to the area. Some may remember that in the past, we attended the church that we affectionately call the Abraham Lincoln church because it has the pew that he sat in. Well this time we had an opportunity to sing at a diverse church in the city as well. A family contact helped us see if the the church was interested, and they said yes. All we ever hope is that New G leaves a lasting, loving impression when we get these new opportunities. It sure felt like the kids gave their all again! 

Now to the Holocaust Museum, which was a first for a lot of singers. This time New G did something brand new, we were able to have a private meeting with a Holocaust survivor (see the pictures) where he gave us a presentation and then answered our questions. He told us that he was eventually arrested from his hiding spot, by the same officer that arrested Anne Frank…he resided nine blocks from her. Immediately after the presentation, the kids walked to the museum. It was a WOW day!

To top off the evening several of the kids were introduced to music theater at the Kennedy Center, watching Disney’s Aladdin. You might ask your singer about this one, as several had said that this was an amazing highlight for them on tour! It’s great to witness these moments! 









Day 8 – July 20, 2019 – Washington, DC

Today started with free breakfast in our own meeting room, and a somewhat late start. Then we loaded to go see the National Mall, and the Smithsonian Museums. It is always great to hear what each of the singers decided to go to see. While this day is always a long day, and we are in a heat advisory, at least we will be inside some of the best AC we can find.  

Coincidentally, we are in town during the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo mission. So the town was packed with people honoring what happened and lots of great things happening to experience the anniversary. Be sure to ask your singer about where they went and what they thought about their experience. If you have never been here, it is pretty cool to step out on the lawn and look one way to see the Washington Monument, and the other way to see the Capital building. Worth the trip for sure! Singers have been doing great and paying attention to the rules and being on time. So you can be proud of them when they call home! One more fun filled day here! 



Day 7 – July 19, 2019 – Washington, D.C.

Ok, so I promised an update on how the super early start went….It went just fine. While it was early the group handled it well. The ladies that made us breakfast were more than ready to help us have something healthy before we got on the road. It was a good thing that we left when we did because we arrived right on time.  

We were  headed to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier for a really special opportunity that was brought about by a former sponsor Dan Madinger. The group had the amazing opportunity to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at 1:15PM. Prior to arriving, Dee helped set the mood on our bus by reading us the story of the rules of the Tomb, and the honor of how the men in uniform protect it. We arrived just in time to witness a changing of guard, and then get in prime position to view the amazing ceremony.

Then it happened, representing New G were Master Sargent Joseph Howell, Bemo Myers, Jackson Connors and Olivia Sweiger got the opportunity to walk where none of us have, and to communicate with the brave men and women that protect the Tomb. It was breath-taking. 

Due to the hot day, Bemo had a great idea to fit in a monument tour at night. This was after a break at Union Station for dinner, and then off to our tour that Bemo led so well. We also got to see the MLK memorial for the first time. It was pretty moving experience at night. 

The good news was that despite the heat, a 9:30AM load time and air-conditioned Smithsonian Museums made for a great day.

Watch the Arlington Wreath Laying Ceremony Here








Day 6 – July 18, 2019 – Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 

This was a fun-filled day in the sun. We woke up to a great breakfast provided by the Church of the Oasis.  From there we setup for our evening show, and then we were off. Off to where you might ask, well Art has made it a great tradition that when New G comes to town he loves to take us out on the lake. This time he out did himself. He not only took us out on the lake, he provided us with almost an all we can eat pizza lunch and drink while we cruised the amazing waters. To end the day’s tour of his amazing town he took us to a great look-out over the lake and enjoyed the breath taking views. Of course in true New G fashion we have a group photo for that. 

Next was back home for a day of social activities. Everyone was playing board games, capture the flag and any other creative things they could drum up for some great fun! Then off to yet another amazing meal in the pavilion. And finally to the night’s performance. The kids did great yet again and the audience was very receptive and loving on us afterwards. It is always great to be home in the Oasis of Love.  

Now to get out of town by 7AM….I will let you know how that goes tomorrow 😛










Day 5 – July 17, 2019 – Huntingdon, Pennsylvania

We spent the afternoon at Hershey’s Chocolate factory. This was a pretty cool experience. It was a super large store full of candy we knew existed, and candy that we were excited to try. There was even a great little ride that you took you on a tour of a factory that gave you perspective of what they do and how they do it. A must stop for any family travels out this way! 

As we arrived into town, it was like driving into a familiar driveway, seeing a family member waiting at the front door, and excited to embark on the adventures that await for the time we have. Art has been a great asset to the group for many years now. They graciously take our group in on the trip out, and the trip back. They help the kids save money by providing them three meals while we are here, and a place to sleep and shower as well. On top of that they have great grounds that that allow us to do special games and enjoy what Tour has to offer.  

So on this day when we arrived there was a 70% chance of rain at the State Park we were going to, but there is a nice covered amphitheater at the place they call Seven Points Amphitheater. Singers from tours past will remember singing to the mountains while an amazing sunset was happening that night. Well this year was bound to be different. This year we set up prepared for rain, and it happened. All the local campers that came to watch us left which meant Josh’s family was our audience. But we sang our hearts out with one more song. If you have not see the Facebook post yet, may I suggest watching Emily’s post of the group pouring their souls out to The End of the Beginning. It is amazing what God can do, and what He did in that moment was give this group a tour memory that will live on for a lifetime, and only a few got to see the moment. So you can say they sang it for HIM!  








Day 4 – July 16, 2019 – North Versailles, Pennsylvania

This day was another great day where we got to pick up the kids at the Chome. I truly think that Paul did an amazing thing. Not to under play any other pastors choice to host us here, but to already be hosting a large group from out of the country, it would have been easy to say no to us, but he said yes to us twice! 

After we got loaded at the Chome we got on the road to get ice for the coolers, and have an enjoyable quiet morning for some of us to take a nap. After that it was on the road through Ohio for our lunch stop. Since it was such a short day, we needed to kill some time, so I bet you can not guess what we did…….yes, it was the first Wal-Mart stop of the tour. It’s always so funny to see how that type of stop is so exciting for a bunch of midwest kids. 

Then to our next stop at St. Johns Lutheran church. We met a new contact from their interim pastor, Pastor Erin! it is always great to meet someone new, and help the name and brand of New G live in some new people. The kids gave a great performance to a new crowd, and continue to take their efforts to new levels every time they go. Be sure to keep posting stuff from home with the #ngtour2k19. Thank you all for what you are doing already! 


Day 3 – July 15, 2019 – Mansfield, Ohio

Today was the day…today was the day that we completed our family. WOW they (Carol, Cailey, Mac, Joey and Danielle) got in the car around 3:00 a.m. from St. Joseph, They literally drove all the way to us, just to drop off our five that were in the very popular Newsie’s show and watch us drive away. So I would like to say thank you to the dedicated driver and co-pilot that made that happen, and we hope you had safe travels home.  

Then we started down the road to a very popular stop amongst the sponsor family due to a dedicated pastor that loves to support us, and the fact that he has Chome. Yes that is a church that is a home, hence the Chome. Joseph truly loves to stay there, I am pretty sure it is a tour highlight for him.  

The kids gave another great performance, and we are starting to work on the little things to help them improve each time. They keep finding different songs that push them forward on how they are presenting and singing the song. Tonight we also experienced a great culture opportunity since the church we were singing at was also hosting a Chinese group in town on their mission trip. So the singers got to sit next to many of them and attempt to get to know them. It was their final evening in town and our program was the final goodbye before they depart tomorrow.  

Can’t be prouder of how they are acting, and the way they are pouring themselves into the performances. If you get a chance, be sure to chat with your singer as well, ask them if they have Day 3’d ;-P!!


Scott’s camera from Day 1 Send-Off

Sorry for the delay (it’s a long story) but you can click here for the pictures I took at send-off; and what happens when the buses are gone.


Day 2 – July 14, 2019 – Savoy, Illinois

We had a semi-early start, with the arrival time of 8:00 a.m. – that is not bad for a morning church service. This year we just did one Sunday service. The church was just as warm in the morning as they were to our evening concert.  Afterwards we got to spend some time with them eating cookies and drinking some lemonade to enjoy the time we had with them. One of the best parts is we got on the road way earlier than we normal, so we spent some time in downtown Springfield, Ill. The kids experienced some Abraham Lincoln historical aspects on the second day of our trip.  Some of them even did a scavenger hunt in the downtown area, how fun is that! 

Then off for a short leg to Savoy, Ill. The only thing about short days is that Christian does not get his full nap in.  Speaking of Christian, today is his official birthday, and we got the group together to sing to him at dinner time. You could just see him grinning from ear to ear as they sang, it was pretty darn cute. For the evening performance we sang at Villa of Hallbrook, a retirement village, and did an abbreviated concert for them. The kids gave their hearts out yet again to this performance, and boy did the audience appreciate it. The best yet, is each of them took the time to shake hands, and visit with the patrons that joined us.  I bet it was a great night for all.  We finished the night with our first group hotel stay, and so far so good.  

Now the real question is, how long do Matt, Bemo, Chad and Sam really stay up…let’s hope no one really has to find out!! 









Day 1 – July 13, 2019 – Rochester, Illinois

What an amazing day. There is just something about the hustle and bustle of being at Ashland United Methodist Church early for tour, with the buses running, and people beginning to work to get us on the road. Having all the families there to send their loved ones on an amazing adventure that most in this world do not get a chance to do. Today our special speaker was Brian Prashack that sent us off with his words of wisdom from his 12 years of New G that he could impart on us. Thank you to both his wife Amy, and him for being there early to share with us his great words. It might be important to know that WOW you made a difference in their performance this evening. Rev. Doug Walter from AUMC was amazing as always, as his relationship continues to grow with us, it is such a great fit. A large portion of his words were using the great commission to send us out to the world ready to serve God’s word through song and spirit.  

We were welcomed by an amazing church in Rochester, Ill, Rochester United Methodist Church, and our old friend Brian was there to say HI as soon as we arrived. It sure does help to see a familiar face when we arrive. The group was setting up like they had done this a million times before. Moving all their stuff to where it belonged, and then getting set up, all the way to a great meal provided by the church. Then the WOW came during their performance. Must have been their energy, or the words they heard this morning, but they let loose on the first performance like we haven’t seen before. Now to our first night of rest, and a morning performance at the same church. 

It should also be noted that it is always feel a little off when all of our family is not on tour with us. We left several at home this year for multiple reasons. Please know that we are praying for you, and hope you have safe travels out to us.  We cant wait to have you here!

Stay tuned here for all our updates, and don’t forget to use #ngtour2k19 for all your social media posts associated with New G tour!!