2020 De-Tour

This year marks 50 (!) years of the New Generation Singers. A milestone like this should be a memorable year. Well, we will never forget 2020, but not for the reasons we hoped for. Plans for the 2020 tour started last Winter, including securing a few of the stops for the tour route, which would have been a recreation of the 1970 tour – California.

By January and February, more plans fell into place. Then things fell apart in March – COVID-19. But we didn’t know if there was a way to salvage a tour. As time went on, it became obvious there would be no 2020 Tour.

But the Singers came up with a plan to at least have some events somewhat like being on tour. And they cleverly named it the “2020 De-Tour”! So what follows are the events designed to give the Singers social and worship events that were designed to bring the Singers together, despite COVID-19.

June 28 – Movie Night
In keeping with social distancing, the first social event was an outdoor movie night in the parking lot of Ashland church. A nice size group came to see Moana. Click here to see a picture (only have one).

July 19 – Kick Ball
The Singers didn’t have a chance to hold Bus Olympics, so instead – kick ball. It was a warm evening behind Oak Grove grade school, but that didn’t stop around 40 singers, sponsors, parents and a couple of dogs from getting together for a fun outdoor event. Picture here.

July 25 – Picnic
Another social distance event – a picnic. The guys and girls were assigned treats to bring for a picnic at the top of Krug Park. Among other things, there was a timed suitcase-packing race plus volleyball and park playground equipment. (Sorry, no pictures).

July 26 – De-Tour Worship
During a normal tour, the mid-range day is typically an emotional worship night. So on the middle Sunday, the worship committee put together an evening of Singer messages, video and of course the Benediction. Pictures here.

August 2nd – Gala
Another tradition at Homecoming is tour awards, so the Social committee decided to create a dress-up Gala to present awards as well as a 50th anniversary cake – thanks to our president and Hy-Vee baker Jackson Connors. Pictures here.

And that’s the end of the 2020 De-Tour. Now it’s on to a membership drive and elections. Stay tuned.