Wyatt Park Christian Church, all most to the day, is where New G Started with a Christmas Concert.  There is so much history to a group that started over 50 years ago.  With that history comes changes, growth, relationships, and so much more.  

The singers did so good for their first performance of the season, and the audience was a packed house.  We filled up the sanctuary, AND their welcome center of the church as well.  It was literally standing room only.  The reason for the season was front and center, all while each singer gave it their all.  

One top of all the amazing things and reasons for the season, Wyatt Park Christian made a formal announcment while we were all there that they are proud to Partner with our Host Church Ashland United Methodist as a secondary Host Church.  Helping us keep the mission going for years to come with what we all hope is a second home and familar space for us to grow to love even more than the History tells us about!  

Thank you to all that came to watch and celebrate the season with us. 


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