New G members elected officers and exec members, which gives us the official start to the 50th year. Here are the results:

President: Jackson Connors

Vice President: Malissa Hafley

Treasurer: Lexie Bryson

Membership Secretary: Alanna Bryson


Exec Members: (in no particular order)

Billy Hafley

Grace Feuerbacher

Carson Gaddie

Molly Carlson

Anna Bracciano

Lillie Kirby

Colton Connors

Maddie Dryer

Ethan Brushwood

Officers (l-r): Lexie Bryson, Treasurer; Alanna Bryson, Membership Secretary; Malissa Hafley, Vice President; Jackson Connors, President

Exec (l-r back row): Anna Bracciano, Carson Gaddie, Billy Hafley, Ethan Brushwood. Front: Molly Carson, Grace Feuerbacher, Lillie Kirby, Maddy Dryer. Not pictured: Colton Connors.