“…be baptized.”

Pastor Jimmy was standing next to me after the New G program last night (June 30th), and a young man came to Pastor Jimmy and told him “I want to be baptized.” Then Pastor Jimmy asked the boy to repeat his declaration to me. I think we were both stunned and it was hard to speak. Pastor Jimmy – barely able to get out the words – told the boy he would talk to his mom and work it out.

The boy is going to be a fourth grader next year. But what a statement.

Bemo often tells the Singers that if they can reach even one person in the audience at any performance, they have succeeded. And here he was, stating his desire to be baptized. I didn’t get his name (and wouldn’t post it anyway) but I kicked myself later that I didn’t get a picture.

Congratulations to New G for a moving performance. And good luck to the young man.

Scott J.