Media Resources 2022

Included below are links to a variety of documents you are welcome to use to promote New G. At the same time, they will probably provide more information on who we are!


Local Church Commercial

We are excited to launch our 2022 New G Singers local sing-outs. It is one of our most favorite times of the year, to get to do what we do, but to see you all as well. Hope to see you soon!

Print Materials for Hosts 



Digital Homecoming Program

Downloadable PDF

2022 Tour Program
This is the interactive program we offer at every performance.

Picture Collage

Often a favorite part of the program!



11″ x 17″ (Tabloid Size) Poster

Here’s a poster you can print or get printed at an office supply store. It’s set up as 11″ x 17″. There’s room at the bottom for your specific information.

8.5″ x 11″ (Letter size) Poster


Digital Files for Hosts

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Great Slide Resources for your church to be able to download our interactive Program.


Want to know more about New G? Here are two videos; the first is a recent 2022 Summer Sing-out performance video to help churches see what a full performance looks like. The second is just for fun to see what a New G morning is like during summer Sing Outs!


Click a picture for a formal or informal group photo (hi-res).


The Latest from the NewG Singers 

Sing-Out #7– Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church

Sing-Out #7– Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church

Yesterday, marked a memorable occasion as Frederick Boulevard Baptist Church hosted the New Generation Singers for the first time in their sanctuary at this current location. The performance was an amazing success, drawing an enthusiastic and energetic audience that...

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Sing-Out #6 – Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church

Sing-Out #6 – Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church

Every year, The New Generation Singers eagerly anticipate our return to Huffman Memorial United Methodist Church. This cherished tradition feels like coming home, not only for the beauty of the sanctuary and the uplifting music we create there but also for the warm...

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