NG Singers Membership Rally

By: David Bryant

On Sunday, January 21st, New G had our annual winter membership rally; New G is so excited for the new year, new members, and the new memories to be made in 2024! This rally had 8 guests, and a lot of members anticipating what this new year has in store. We can’t wait for these guests to become members soon!

The rally featured some ice-breaker type games to allow new guests to interact with and introduce themselves to members. (Shoutout to everyone who came up with these ideas!) Some of the activities included turning officers into snowmen (with amazing decorative skills might I add), very polarizing questions about favorite fast food places, and an epic snowball fight featuring some icebreaker questions.

If you know anyone 8th grade and older who has a love for music, people, Jesus, or all of the above, let them know about New G! Theres lots of room at Ashland UMC (even for KQ2 and News-Press NOW to come by from time to time). Just because the rally is over doesn’t mean that it’s too late to join.  

Let’s BeReal, New G couldn’t operate without the many sponsors, supporters, members, churches, musicians, alumni, Bemo of course, and countless others who give their time, money, and energy to this group. As you know, New G is going to California this summer, and will be looking for tour stops. If you interested in joining contact Emily at and if you are interested in hosting, reach out to none of this would be possible without you! 

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