Our second stop of the day brought us to a beautifully remodeled and renovated church that we have had the pleasure of visiting for the past three years. The transformation of this church is truly remarkable, with state-of-the-art technology enhancing both the visual and auditory experience. Every time we return, we are reminded of the incredible effort that went into making this church a stunning and modern space for worship and community gatherings.

The warm welcome we received was heartening. We are especially grateful for the meal provided before the concert, which gave us a chance to relax and connect with the wonderful members of the congregation. The hospitality extended to us made us feel right at home, setting a positive tone for the performance.

The great attendance and the energetic response from the crowd added to the overall excitement of the evening. Their enthusiasm and engagement made the performance even more special, fueling our passion and making the event memorable for everyone involved. We look forward to many more visits and performances at this fantastic venue.

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