Today was many first.  Today was a day that many asked where Bemo and Carol were.  Today was a day that I think most of the singers, maybe even the sponsors, and possibly even the parents will remember.  It was a great day.  We were in a new to us church.  In an area that so many alumni made the trip to see us that live in the area.  Plus we saw Ashley make her New G Directing Debut, a group of sponsor sang an informal, and truly so much more.  

I remember the day vividly when Bemo stepped in to direct for Byron when he had to have vocal cord surgery.  While this was not a similar situation we were in, it was a moment that the singers said watch out, because the freight train is headed down the tracks.  They did such a great job, and continue to impress in all aspects.  A special thank you to the church, sponsors, and for all the efforts put in by the parents to help get our kiddos to this performance and back.  



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