Today we started off with a great breakfast, in a pretty fantastic hotel that was very rustic, and spacious.  On top of that they had a great breakfast space that we were able to use in order to feed the group.  You could tell the kids really appreciated the rustic feel of the space, and the area.  

Then off to to Yellowstone National Park.  WOW, it was great to come in from this gate, as I can not remember when we ever came into Yellowstone from that entrance.  The views were amazing and so was the drive.  We got to Old Faithful pretty early, where they kids got to see it blow at aroune 11:40am.  Many got to see it before they ate their lunch in Yellowstone Cafeteria.  We did see several Buffalo, and a Elk, as well as a Moose! 

Then off to Cody State Park in Cody, WY for another outdoor performance for this tour.  The kids have had some great views, and some amazing opportunities to share the love in each of these communities. We even had a camp hosts come out and give us a listen tonight, and several people came up to share how moved they were. They just keep getting better, we just know that Homecoming will be special. 

Then setup our tent site at the Ponderosa in Cody, WY.  The kids continue to impress on how they do with their tents, and camping, the weather has been perfect thus far too. Keep praying for that to continue. 

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IMPORTANT: Parents Tour Meeting Starts AFTER Service @ Faith United Methodist ...
02 Jun
12:00 pm
Faith United Methodist Church
3025 Karnes Rd, St Joseph, MO 64506
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