Today was day two of camping, and the first night seemed to had gone really well.  Well except for the fact that a group that was staying at our comp site, came back super excited from the Rodeo, and late, and a bit rowdy, while we were already to go to sleep in the tents. The singers handled it great though.  

We got up a bit early, because for safety sake we loaded our luggage back up in the bus just to be on the safe side.  Then off for a 9AM appointment with the rafting company.  We had 8-9 boats out in the water, and boy was the water refreshing.  I think they said it was a very warm 45 degrees.  Yes before you ask, there was not only splashing, and a few braved jumping in the refreshing water! Matt’s guide wondered why it seemed like all the boats wanted to attack him.  The river was amazing, and had a few really great rapids, but for the most part it was a really enjoyable ride.  We did stop for a lunch at a half way spot, then had another hour on the river before the take out point.  I am sure it will be a highlight story of the trip.  No pics, but we did have a singer wear a GoPro so maybe a video at some point of the fun. 

After the rafting we gave the singers a RARE downtime to shower, and rest for a couple of hours.  After that they got to experience Cody WY historic downtown for Dinner.  What a great town, might be my first trip here with New G.  

Then to top off the experience Bemo and Carol got is all tickets to go and see the Rodeo at the world capital of Rodeo’s.  You could tell that several singers where ready for an amazing experience.  Some even had to just buy some blue jeans at the local Way-Mart stop just to complete the experience.  I will let you guess which singers did that! It was a LONG day, but it made for a great night of sleep. 

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