We started the day at an 8AM load at at the really beautiful Storm Mountain Camp.  If I can explain this location a bit, it is like someone found a really green and beautiful Mountain, and said we can make a road all the way to the bottom of it that is safe for all cars and Motor Coaches.  Then lets build buildings that bring Nature and Woods inside, and let people love on the space, and what God has to offer.  

The Singers woke up with a smile on their face and ready to go into day 14 with a bang.  We got on the road around 830AM, and the kids ate the snakes or breakfast they had with them.  Unfortunately while on the road, and while Chad was Driving the truck we lost a tire on the truck, but fortunately for him he was close to a rest area, and a service company came out to take good care of him.  Thank you to the Decker Family that was with us for stopping with him to stay there to be with him.  This did put Chad about 2.5 hours away.  While we build in time, we do not generally build in that much extra time.  

We stopped in Chamberlain, SD at a McDonalds that took on both busses, and did a great job getting all 67 of us taken care of.  Then off we go.  

We arrived in Sioux Falls to a very gracious church that was able to pivot with us, and feed us supper first, sine we did not have our truck to setup all the gear, or even change.   Once the truck arrived we were off and running, the truck pulled in and was opened at 640, we were setup, dressed, and ready to rehearse by 7:04.  WOW they did a safe, and great job on their setup.  

Then of course we have our very last performance of tour before we go home.  It is always the one that hits home for not only the singers, but the Sponsors as well.  The singers left every last breath they had on the floor of the church, and the audience knew it.  They were emotional, and AWESOME.  THEY ARE EXCITED TO SEE YOU at home! We hope you are as well.  Get your Tickets! 


PS…Our Membership Rally is August 28th at Ashland United Methodist Church at 5PM.  Be sure to get signed up! 


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