Today was a long drive from Bonners Ferry, ID, all the way to Helena MT.  We started where we had an option for a fancy breakfast at the hotel. However I am not sure the hotel staff was prepared for what it takes for our group to come through in the morning, so some of us had to leave because it was time to go! 

To be honest thus far it has been a great trip as far as getting in and out of places when we have long travel days, so having a first one at our Hotel was not bad.  

The singers did great on our long day, and since we were in the land of small towns, we even had to eat a late lunch with the time zone change, but we found them a Chipotle that did a wonderful job at taking care of us! 

Then off to a very welcoming St. Paul United Methodist Church.  They were very excited to see us, and had a great home cooked meal ready for the whole group.  We were able to set up and rehearse a bit, then off to the hotel for a chance to swim, and fellowship.  

No pictures due to a travel day! 

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