So, I’ve spent a good chunk of this blog dedicated to the contributions and exploits of Paul Lintern. One of the coolest things about New G is that relationships are formed as we come across people who are of like mind and spirit, and Paul is of course one of those.

Another Pastor who I would put in that category is Art Speck, and his church Oasis of Love. To say that Art and his congregation are like family to New G would be a stretch at all. As a matter of fact, on the last tour that Byron and Phyllis accompanied us together in 2019, we inducted Art into New G as an honorary member.

His congregation, located in Huntingdon, PA, has converted the grounds the church owns into a giant campground fit to host any youth camp. That is where we landed just before dinner. The wonderful people there had already been slaving away to make a homemade meal of ham and beans for 52 dopey kids. Talk about love!

Setting up for our performance in their multipurpose building they have designated the “Freedom Hall” seems pretty familiar to many of us, especially the sponsors. It’s almost like setting up in a place where everyone knows you, not unlike like Wyatt Park Christian. After being off from performing for a couple of days, it was nice to be able to perform for a congregation who gets us and shares our sense of mission.

After the performance, it was off to the campground pavilion for a bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs. We took the opportunity to do some follow-on training on how to have a successful, fun, and safe trip to New York City tomorrow.

I’ll tell you all about it coming up!

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