Hey Joe Town!

Well, here we are in Decatur, IL. We now officially have all of our out-of-town tour performances complete and basically an entire tour is under our belts. All of your singers who left as inexperienced newbies are prepping to return as the sage wisdom of the group ready to pass on the love they have experienced and spread to the next group who are going to kick the can just a little farther down the road.

Tonight’s performance was at the Decatur Salvation Army. This was an interesting one because these folks didn’t know what they were getting themselves into.  We performed here back in 2021 when we took just a short trip out to Pennsylvania. Bemo set this up with the same ministers (the Salvation Army calls them “officers”) from back in 2021, but they were in the middle of a transition to new officers, so the folks that we actually coordinated with were brand new to Decatur and we just kind of got dumped in their lap. Though we may have been dumped in their lap, the singers gave a performance that left a major impression, and I think that it was just the welcome party that they needed.

Folks, the energy in these singers is nearly overwhelming. All of the natural energy that they feel from simply being excited about coming home after two weeks was exacerbated by traditional tour activities. We started with elections for tour awards. There are awards for some serious things like “most inspirational” and the coveted “New G image” which only the singers who embody the ethos of New G at the highest-level in the opinion of their peers win. And then there are some goofy ones like “tour clown”, “biggest cheapskate”, and “best buds”. And of course, there are the performance awards of “best face” and “most consistent performer” that only us sponsors vote on.  I already know the results, but I ain’t tellin’! You’ll just have to wait until intermission tomorrow at homecoming to find out!

And then there is the annual signing of “friendship books”. Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned yearbook note getting written in your book; I still do, and my 25th high school reunion is next year! These wonderful traditions are great ways to cap off the year, but the excitement and electricity that will be on the buses tomorrow has no equal.

It’s tomorrow, folks! Can you believe it? I’ve got one more of these to write to you, and how I’ve enjoyed it.  I sure am glad Matt Paden can’t arm wrestle…


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