I am reminded as I start to type out our Memory of this day that this was the Day that Scott Johnson would also take and write for me knowing it would be awhile before I woke up to get it posted, and put online.  I can stop and say how grateful I am that he helped teach me a lot of things that we all do today in New G!

We started out day with a worship, and I was pleasantly surprised that the kids on the Hope Bus were asleep most of the day.  As a matter fact I had to wake them up around Amazonia to say start to get ready for your evening.

After that the excitment was in the air, and they were ready. It is always exciting with the New G truck overtakes Faith bus for the first time on tour to lead us home.  Then we meet up with our Police Escort, provided by the St. Joseph Police Department and the energy grows beyond what we can even control!.  We know we are close to our families and the concert we have been building too.

Once in we saw all the amazing things the parents did to help us feel welcome when we arrived, and how they prepared to show us that they watched us along the way, but also show their amazing creativity.

Now off to our Green Room to prepare for our concert which was provided by the Hunter Ladies, and WOW, I am sorry anyone missed there very prepared, and well said Green Room.  It was impressive.

From there we line up to head into all the energy in the room, and you all did not dissapoint. The energy from the singers, and from our families us unmatched by any of our crowds.  While all the crowds we sing to are amazing, this hometown opportunity is really something special.  The singers gave their all, showing the families at home the path, rather, the “Road to the Son”, and that truly Aint No Grave going to hold any of us down!

We also had a special induction into our New G Hall of Fame.  Mr. Christopher Alexander.  More on his Special post!

Prayers for great rest, fast recovery, and to an amazing 2022-2023 season to come.  You can feel that New G has a full head to steam, and we all look foward to the days and years to come.

PS..I am still waiting on arrival pictures, and I am sure a lot more homecoming pictures from a great parent that was taking them for us.

PPS…Please enjoy our live video of the performance as well!

Lastly if you know someone that wants to join us, our membership Rally is August 28th at 5PM.  Link on the Picture!

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