Sending off the New Generation Singers is always an amazing thing to witness.  Every year there is something that surprises us.  We love the opportunity to meet with new parents that are sending their singers with us for the first time, and how to help them know how we will keep their singer safe! 

We also get an opportunity to hear from each Sponsor Couple, and get a great update from all of the hard work it took to make a 15 tour happen from Bemo.  

Then our special speaker this year was amazing, like all of our previous speakers have been.  Malissa Hafley shared an inspirational message on how New G is still a light in her life.  As well as how New G was a light in her life for many years as a singer.  

Then we wrapped up our morning with Pastor Doug giving us a great message on being prepared to do Gods Work, as well as offering communion for all of us.  Then off we go!

After that we stopped for a great lunch and fellowship since we were running ahead of time we had a full hour to enjoy and get through the line! Then arriving in Huron, SD to get a quick Dinner, and setup at a great park that felt like it was meant for us to peform in! 

The first hotel stop has been easy thus far, and the singers have been amazing.  Make sure you stay tuned here for all the updates so you know what is happening along the way! 

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