This was our long drive day, and the kids were able to get some extra sleep in the morning, and after lunch.  We did get started around 8AM, and breakfast on them with what they bought from our world famous Wal-Mart stop. 

Of course just before stoping for Lunch in WY Bemo had to make a quick stop at a look out point to say the official good bye to the mountains, and boy was it beautiful.  From there we stopped in a little town in Buffalo WY for lunch where the kids got the options of Pizza Hut, Hardees and McDonalds. 

We continued our trip into Rapid City, SD, just out side of Mt. Rushmore where we stopped at the local Mall to turn them loose for dinner, and then back on the bus to get tour Campground that we are also out for the next two nights. The Girls and Guys are in Cabins with bunk beds, and bathrooms to share.  It really is almost like a Dorm, and a really great setup for all us.  The Sponsors even have a little meeting space for us to chat, since we have not had that private downtime that we normally have when kids are in host homes. It was a welcome chat, and time together. The singers seemed to enjoy the site we are at now, and have done a great job thus far.  

We are getting closer to home, and we hope that you are getting excited, because we are! See you Soon!  

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