Today we started in Billings Montana, at another pretty great hotel, and was able to enjoy a free breakfast from them.  

Off we went on our longest drive day we have had all tour, but like usual the singers do a great job at making the day pass by so fast from all the fun they are having on the bus.  

Today we drove towards Kalispell, MT which has the best lake view on the drive in that you can see in all of Montana I am sure.  Between there we were able to stop at our lunch stop.  One of the fun things is like last year with the size of the group we can get in and out of 2-3 fast food places pretty quick, so we are able to stay together and see everyone if we can! 

Tomorrow starts our camping day, so parents hearing from their singers, please imagine no power, and maybe a phone that is not charged to see where they are at.  It is just one night, and we stopped at the world famous WAL-MART tonight so they could be extra prepared! I know that it will be a great night to camp!!! 

NOTE: There will not be WIFI for me to provide the camping update, so I will likely miss a day! 

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