We Started the morning early today, as we got up to get loaded by 7AM so we could roll out to one of our favorite stops of the tour.  Glacier National Park, and the Road to the Sun.  

We started wtih eating Breakfast on the bus that we had the singers buy at Wal-Mart while they were there.  From there we drove into Glacier National Park with many Wows, and Ohhhs and Ahhhhs.  It truly is a wonder from God being here.  We arrived at the Lodge on the Lake, where in 2018 the trees where amazing and green, and this time we got to see what it looked like after a Forest Fire had taken several acres of trees.  STILL BEAUTIFUL.

From there we loaded the Red Jammer 1939 Busses where they rolled back the convertable top, and showed us, and told us about the wonders we were driving around.  All the way to the top at Logan pass, and all the way back down to the other side! From my view in the back seat the singers had their phones out taking tons of pics of Gods wonders! Be sure to ask to see them.  

To finish the night we headed to our camp site, and to be honest saw one of the amazing things of this tour, the singers helping each other set up their tents for the night, they were finding ways to help, and keep each other comfortable.  THEY DID ALL THE WORK, and did a GREAT JOB! It was impressive.  Our site had us all together and right off a lake…with a mountain view.  It was a postcard memory.  

Another memory would be dinner, our drivers recommended a restaraunt next to where they were.  The place had 1 employee, so what happens, Well….our Drivers, plus Chad and Cailey, Sam and Ashley, as well as Madeline, Jackson, and Colton, as well as many others singers stepped up to not only help serve drinks, make tickets, even cook our dinners for the night.  We were the only ones there, and it was a BLAST.  BE sure to ask them about it.  

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