Today we started at St. Paul’s United Methodist Church in Helena, MT.  This was our morning performance, and it was yet another performance that the singers while beginning to show signs of being tired, was really able to turn it on.  We couldn’t be prouder of them.  St. Paul’s was very welcoming, as I said yesterday, they fed us dinner, and was able to feed us Lunch today as well.  Be sure to check out Chad Carlson’s post when he went live for Aint No Grave!

Then on the road again, we were off to our hotel about 4 hours away, and what a beautiful drive it was.  Mountains all around us, and green everywhere.  Lots of water running by the highways, and a small storm to help us get all the bugs off the bus’s windshield.

Our hotel is a great rustic hotel, that has lots of space for the kids to get lots of sleep so they can prepare to camp for the next two nights. We also enjoyed a nice dinner at a local mexican resteraunt, that was excited to have us! 

One of the highlights for the group is our Tour Worship, and we hope it helped recharge the group into completing their mission.  The theme was Be the Light, answering how is New G still a light in your life. It warms all of the sponsors hearts to see the singers get stronger in not only their faith, but their relationships within the group.

Tomorrow we head off to Yellowstone National Park, and watch Old Faithful! Then perform in Cody City Park!

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