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HOMECOMING: Arrive at Wyatt Park Baptist Church at 5PM. Concert at 7PM. Tickets will be available immediately after we leave on Tour with Janet Alexander.


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2023 Singouts & Tour

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Latest News & Announcements

Tour Day 6 – Buffalo, NY – To Oasis of Love in PA

So, I’ve spent a good chunk of this blog dedicated to the contributions and exploits of Paul Lintern. One of the coolest things about New G is that relationships are formed as we come across people who are of like mind and spirit, and Paul is of course one of...

Tour Day 5 – Buffalo NY to Niagara Falls NY

One of the best parts of tour are the unplanned moments; unwritten, if you will. You may remember me talking about our friendship with Paul Lintern. Well, today Paul was helping add to the mission of tour all the way out here in Buffalo. He worked out a deal with...

Sing-Out #10 – Wyatt Park Christian Church – 07/09/23

To say we are grateful for what started in this church is a major understatement.  Someone had the vision, and the bravery to start something that has been able to endure over a lot of challenges, and positivity.  This year as we conclude our Sermon in a different...

Sing-Out #9 – Ashland United Methodist Church 07/02/23

It was great being back in our Home Church this week.  While I know we love being able to go into several local churches AUMC is a place that you can tell the kids feel comfortable, and the crowd is ready for us.   One top of all of that, New G has called Ashland...

Sing-Out #8 – Royal Family Kids Camp

Have you sang at the Royal Family Kids Camp?  Have you attended a concert there?  Have you heard the story about who the camp serves during this time?  For those of you that has had the opportunity to be there you know that each of those kids consider you a...

Sing-Out #7 – Christ Lutheran Church of Wathena

There are lots of memories for some of us in this church.  This is the Church that a long standing support driver Mike Nelson and his family have attended.  His Wife Susan, and daughter Mary were members of New g.  When Mike's wife Susan passed away it was...