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Tour Day 9 – Church and Sites with Bemo in NYC

There are probably quite a few of you who don’t know that I (Joseph, again) retired from the Army after 22 years. You can imagine that I have done some pretty grueling work in my day. I’ve carried very heavy rucksacks for many many miles at a time, I once went...

Tour Day 7 – Huntingdon, PA to New York, New York

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Of course the highlight of this tour is the thing that everyone has been talking about – The City that NEVER sleeps, The Big Apple, The one place that should never make salsa, NEW YORK CITY!!!!!! It’s today folks! Today was a day full of oohs...

Tour Day 5 – Buffalo NY to Niagara Falls NY

One of the best parts of tour are the unplanned moments; unwritten, if you will. You may remember me talking about our friendship with Paul Lintern. Well, today Paul was helping add to the mission of tour all the way out here in Buffalo. He worked out a deal with...

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